Custom Rugs

Create A Unique Area Rug for Your Space

Visit The Flooring Place & Design Center in Bozeman or Helena, MT to design a one-of-a-kind area rug for your home right here in our showroom.

We’ll custom-bind a rug from one of our many beautiful carpeting styles. Simply select the color & pattern you like best, then define the size, shape & border type you’d like for your rug. From there, we’ll craft you a rug to your exact specifications.

When designing a rug, consider the following decorating trends & guidelines:

  • Furniture placement. Is your rug large enough to go under the front legs of all furniture? As an alternative, you can design a small rug that doesn’t touch any furniture legs.
  • Larger furniture. If you have larger furniture pieces that aren’t placed against the wall, you should design a rug that’s large enough that all furniture legs fit on it.
  • Dining room rugs. In a dining room, all four legs of each chair should be able to stay on the rug when people are seated around the table.
  • Full-sized rugs. One popular look when it comes to room-sized rugs involves leaving one or two feet of space between the edge of the rug & the baseboards.
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