Miele Classic Dishwasher Promotion running now through March 31st.
These two new Classic models are:
v The G4977 Vi SF Classic cutlery basket model
v The G4977 SCVi SF Classic cutlery tray model
Both are top-control models with a CleanTouch Steel panel and our PureLine handle.
The G4977 SCVi SF will come equipped with the Standard Cutlery Tray while the G4977 Vi SF will have the CutleryBasket.
Both have been released  with a very attractive introductory discount of $100!
Promotional prices through March 31st are:
G4977 Vi SF Cutlery Basket model
UMRP $999
Promo Price $899
G4977 SCVi SF Cutlery Tray model
UMRP $1,099
Promo Price $999
Please see the attached data sheets for specifications on these new promo models and click on this link for further details on the promotion: