Up to $100 Mail-In Rebate
on Select Bosch Dishwashers
Please ensure that you have the following:
– A copy of your original Sales Receipt or Invoice which shows
the model number, and the name of store where the appliances
were purchased.
– The serial number for each of the products you purchased.

For help locating your model and serial numbers visit

Please submit your serial number by no
later than April 16, 2018.
1. Claim status updates will be provided to you via email.
2. Once your claim is approved, you will receive a Bosch Visa®
Prepaid card.
3. To check the status of your claim, visit BoschApplianceRebate.com

Please ensure your claim is submitted by March 15, 2018
Get your rebate in just 6 – 8 weeks by submitting online at

Faster Payment: Get paid in less than 8 weeks! Mailing in
your claim can mean up to 10 weeks before you’re paid.
Save Time: Submitting online following our simple
step-by-step instructions means your claim can be submitted
in less than 10 minutes!